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Along with great service, we offer specialized products that aren't carried in big box stores.  These include an extensive line of vitamins and supplements in proprietary combinations, and niche supplies that patients may need.  
The products featured below are only a small sample of all we have to offer - stop in today! 

Carolina forest pharmacy

Specialty OTCs & Herbals

Specialty OTCs & Herbals


This locally grown product has been used to prevent and treat viral illness. See what the power of elderberries can do for you! 

Specialty Supplies

Specialty Supplies


We have locally compounded hand sanitizer! 

  • 91% Isopropyl Alcohol

  • Elderberry

  • Vitamin E

  • Aloe Vera

  • Essential Oils: citrus, lemongrass, clove, oregano, tea tree, geranium


We sell nebulizers for both adults and children! Nebulizers are used in breathing treatments for asthma and make it easier for your or your loved ones to receive the medication they need! 

First Aid

We carry useful first-aid products, as well as specialty bandages, braces, wraps, and patches.  We also have waterproof casings for casts!


Along with having one in-store, we carry blood pressure monitors.  We also have anything you need to test blood sugar including glucose meters, alcohol prep pads, and mail-away sharps containers!

Compression Socks

We offer a wide variety of compression socks, stockings and hosiery! Our pharmacists provide fittings for these products so that patients see the best benefit.

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