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Troche Medication

Carolina Forest Pharmacy is here for all your compounding needs!


Carolina Forest Pharmacy is an independently owned and operated pharmacy that strives to make individualized patient care a priority.  Here at Carolina Forest Pharmacy, we understand that not one person is the same. Often, patients have unique health needs that commercially available medications are not suitable for. At Carolina Forest Pharmacy, we have the ability to turn your medications into dosage forms and strengths that are not commercially available. Some examples of medications we compound daily include; creams, ointments, troches, nasal sprays, capsules, and liquids. Compounded medications are also a great option for patients with allergies to inactive ingredients in medications, such as food dyes. Some of our most popular compounds are hormone replacement therapy for both men and women. We also offer a number of compounded medications to optimize pain management.  Our licensed and experienced pharmacists want to help you and your provider by compounding medications to meet your specific needs.



Continue reading to learn more about a unique dosage form, known as troches! 


What is Troche Medication?

Do you have trouble swallowing pills? Do you have a stomach condition, like IBS, or a liver condition? Do you want your medicine to be released and absorbed faster? If so, troche medication might be right for you. In this article, we will explain what troche medication is, how it works, and the many benefits of this form of medication. The troche technique has been around for hundreds of years, and allows patients to customize the way they take their medications. 


In simple terms, using troche medications is like using cough drops that contain the medicinal ingredients needed for your health. Troche medications deliver the active ingredients of medications directly into your bloodstream through the many blood vessels in your mouth. A troche is placed in between the cheek and gum and dissolves over a period of about 30 minutes. Troches are similar to your standard pill and capsules being that they contain active medicinal ingredients; however, troches are processed by the body differently. Troches allow medications to go directly to the bloodstream through the blood vessels located close to the surface. This is different from your typical “pill” because it bypasses the digestive tract allowing it to work quicker. Some medications benefit greatly from bypassing first pass metabolism. For example, some hormones used for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) become less effective when digested through the stomach. 


Troches should be placed between the cheek and gum and should be allowed to dissolve over 15 to 30 minutes. It is important not to chew or swallow troches whole. It is recommended to move the troche around the mouth  to help improve absorption and  avoid oversaturation of one section. Patients are advised to use troches after they have eaten. Most medications can be compounded into troches, and a variety of different flavors can be used. Whether you need ketamine, progesterone, estradiol, or any other medication compounded into troches, Carolina Forest Pharmacy is here for you. 



The Benefits of Troche Medications

Troche medication can be a great alternative to typical forms of medication. Here are some of the benefits of troches:

  1. No swallowing required! For the elderly or young children, swallowing pills can be challenging, but troches dissolve overtime in the mouth, allowing patients to get their medicine without having to struggle! 

  2. Direct path to the bloodstream!        Troches bypass first pass metabolism, allowing for a quicker onset of action. So, if you need quick relief, troches are for you!

  3. Perfect for a weak stomach! As stated above, troches avoid the stomach entirely when being consumed. This benefits those who deal with stomach or liver issues, which are two organs that are involved with the breakdown of pills.. 

  4. Tastes better! Troches are unlike pills in that you have to taste them. Luckily troches can be combined with flavorings to make them easier to consume. This is especially appealing for young patients. 


We Offer Troche Medication!

  Here at Carolina Forest Pharmacy, we offer Troche medication. Almost any medication we offer can be consumed as a troche. We have a large selection of flavorings to choose from, to customize your medication to perfection. Our Flavors include: Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, Grape, Apple, Mango, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, and Bubblegum. 

We also offer Free Delivery and Curbside Pickup for all prescriptions! Stop by today or call to speak to an associate about any questions you have!

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